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Small Details That Attract the Best Guests

Small Details That Attract the Best Guests

Imagine yourself as the guest when designing the look and outfitting essential tools for your vacation rental. Practicality and decor are more important to the ideal guest than you may realize. For example,the kitchen details mean a lot to the type of guest that will treat your property with respect. Beyond silverware, dishes and cookware other helpful items such as attractive kitchen towels, a new dish sponge and dish soap should be available. Beyond these essentials one guest commented that a lemon squeezer and a coffee grinder were things she would've have liked to see available among the kitchen utensils. Small inexpensive details like this can certainly enhance the guest stay who is hoping to enjoy the details of home. 

Another small detail with a large impact would be providing a charging station for personal devices. Imagine yourself as a guest hunting for a wall outlet and finding it behind a heavy piece of furniture or realizing you have forgotten the plugin portion of your charger cord when packing. It can be frustrating! A charging station is inexpensive and goes a long way to impress guests with thoughtfulness and convenience. 

You may think adding your own personal touches is a good idea and it may be to some degree. Be careful however, not to clutter up spaces with too many personal items. Guests may be looking to get away from the clutter and humdrum of their own homes. So less is more in the vacation home rental sphere. Its best to decorate with items that relate to the area where the home is located if possible always using a tasteful and minimal approach.

Lastly include bright colors that pop and give a cheery atmosphere. This will attract attention to your photos and potentially more guests. Add color with yellow, blue or orange throw pillows on couches or beds. Display a colorful extra blanket at the end of a bed or over the corner of a couch back. A dining room table centerpiece can add attractive character and color.  

The small thoughtful details may cost little but can have a major impact on that ideal guest you would like to have return again and again to stay at your vacation home.