Screening Guests for Your Park City Vacation Rental: Dos and Don'ts

Screening Guests for Your Park City Vacation Rental: Dos and Don'ts

Are you considering investing in a vacation property in Park City, Utah? It's been a tourist spot for a long time, so it's perfect for earning an income from a short-term rental home.

However, you'll soon find that being a vacation host isn't the only thing you'll have to worry about! Finding the right guests is also a challenge!

You want to make sure you'll find guests who will be responsible for your vacation property. You should work with guests you'd like to welcome back for a future visit.

Here's the process for screening guests for vacation rentals:

Do: Review Your Guest's Profile

Once you've added your property to the vacation rental platform, you'll start receiving booking offers from guests. Take your time to view each guest's profile.

You'll be able to see their rating on their profile. You'll know if they're a responsible guest or not. It's always best to stick to guests who have had consistent five-star ratings.

Take time to read the reviews left by other hosts. If there are any concerning comments then it's best to avoid booking the guest. You'll want to look out to see if the guest has followed the house rules.

Don't: Book Outsiders Unfamiliar With Local Laws

Just as you have house rules, Utah has its own laws regarding landlords and tenants. These laws are applicable for both long-term and short-term rentals.

You'll need to work with a guest who can comply with local laws. They'll have to understand that they have tenant privacy. However, they must also understand that you have rights to the property even during their stay.

Tenants might be on vacation, but they also have responsibilities toward your property. Make sure they understand their duties before booking them.

Do: Communicate With Your Guests

Before and during their stay, you should have frequent communication with your guests. Don't be intrusive, but ensure that you know what type of guest you've attracted.

You can ask them how long they plan on visiting Park City. Ask them how many guests they'll bring along. Ask them about their plans in the city. Make sure you feel comfortable with them.

If you use a vacation rental platform, it's best to use their direct messaging system. Otherwise, always get a separate business phone number for your guests.

Don't Rush Your Bookings

You might be eager to book guests often to increase your earnings. But this will backfire and give you a bad experience.

Don't be in a rush to book a guest. Take the time to get to know them before you confirm their booking. It's best to focus on a few guests per year.

Screening Guests for Vacation Rentals Matters

Now you know the importance of screening guests for vacation rentals in Park City. Take your time to screen guests for your vacation property.

You can hire a property manager to help you with screening. Afterward, they can assist you with managing your vacation property.

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