Setting House Rules for a Smooth Vacation Rental Experience

Setting House Rules for a Smooth Vacation Rental Experience

Owning a vacation rental in Park City can set you up for a lucrative source of income. However, the last thing you want is for a group of bad guests to trash your property.

How can you avoid this problem? Read on to learn how to set vacation rental rules and guidelines for a smoother experience!

Establish Check-In and Check-Out Rules

The best rules cover essential tasks that tenants should complete at the start and end of their stays. Communicate to tenants when they can check into the home. Let them know of any access codes and provide your contact information.

For check-out, identify the time when tenants need to be out of the property. Check-out rules also should include cleaning requests.

Even if you hire professional cleaners, you'll still want guests to be mindful of basic tasks. For instance, perhaps you want all dishes cleaned and the trash emptied.

Be Clear About Your Damage Policy

The worst types of renters are reckless when it comes to damage potential. But even respectful tenants can unintentionally break a lamp or dish. That's why you need to be clear on what happens if some part of the property is damaged by vacationers.

For example, damaging a flatscreen television or another expensive item could lead to financial repercussions. Perhaps you won't refund a deposit. Or you might request reimbursement for the replacement costs.

When listing a vacation property, it helps to include this information upfront. That way, potential tenants will know your expectations and the consequences of not following them.

Be Specific About Each Room

While some rules might be obvious to you, don't assume that everyone operates the same way. Even if turning off the oven seems obvious, it never hurts to include it on a sheet of kitchen rules.

Make a bulleted list of rules for each room in your Park City vacation rental. And post it near a light switch or another highly visible area. You can cut down on property maintenance if guests are aware and feel accountable.

If you have guidelines on where people can eat, specify areas, like a formal living room, where people cannot bring food. Similarly, it never hurts to remind people to turn off lights.

Be specific about outdoor areas, as well. If your property has a pool, request that renters put all pool toys or towels in designated places after use. Make sure they know to turn off outdoor lights and the jets in your hot tub.

Discuss Safety Needs

Finally, be proactive about rules regarding safety. For instance, list security codes to access your home through back gates or other hidden doorways. If you use a security company in Park City, list their contact information, as well.

In addition, provide contact information for the local police and fire stations. Listing a vacation rental means you're putting your trust in renters. You want them to have all the tools to make responsible choices!

Set the Right Vacation Rental Rules and Guidelines

Establishing vacation rental rules and guidelines can help ensure that your property looks good and you get good renters. Specify rules for all indoor and outdoor spaces. And let tenants know key safety and contact information.

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